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For training on this equipment, contact the assigned module leads

Alpha-Step Surface Profiler


General Information

The Alpha-Step 200 incorporates profiling technology, high magnification image displays and digital data handling for profiling both thin and thick films. Provides routine measurements of step heights less than 200A. The Alpha-Step 200 can identify discontinuities in the tens of Angstroms. The Alpha-Step 200 CPU automatically controls leveling and measurement. The monitor displays both the actual scan, via the high-power video microscope, and the graphic charts of the scan profile.

Training & Usage

Please contact the module lead to schedule a training session. After attending the training session, you are expected to return within one week with your own sample to test in the presence of the module lead. You may NOT use the equipment unsupervised until you have successfully passed the test.


Reservations for the equipment may be made or by contacting the module lead.

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