Micro and Nano Fabrication Clean Room


GCA Stepper
Applied Materials P5000 PECVD System

The Micro and Nano Fabrication Clean Room is a multi-user facility.  All personnel desiring to use the Clean Room must complete the following requirements prior to entering the Clean Room for the first time.
  1. Complete a Safety and Cleanroom Orientation Course.  Contact the MNCR Manager to sign up for the next available course.
  2. Complete a Clean Room Safety and Security Agreement Form
  3. Complete a Clean Room Access Request and Account Information Form
  4. Complete and pass a Clean Room Safety Examination.  Contact the MNCR Manager to schedule an exam.
Prior to using any equipment in the Clean Room, you must receive training from the Module Lead responsible for maintaining that equipment.  Refer to the MNCR Tools Page to find the applicable module lead for the equipment you need training on.  As a general rule, most tools require a minimum of two training sessions.  The first session is strictly an information session, where the tool's capabilities, limitations, and processes are discussed.  The second session is usually a certification session where the person wishing to qualify on a tool performs the required process in the presence of a module lead or certified tool trainer for that tool.  Once the trainee successfully completes the second session, they are added to the tool user list, and become authorized to use the tool.  Some of the more complex tools in the cleanroom may require more than two training sessions.  Check with the tool's module lead to determine specific qualification requirements.

In the course of doing research, new or proprietary chemicals or materials may need to be brought into the Clean Room.  Prior to bringing these in the Clean Room, a New Material Request Form must be filled out and submitted.  Chemicals brought into the MNCR must not be past their expiration date, and must be in a properly labeled container.  Any chemicals past their expiration date or improperly labeled will be confiscated by the MNCR staff and disposed of as Hazardous Waste.

The Clean Room Rate Structure determines how individuals and/or research centers will be charged for use of the facility.

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