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Processes - Metallization - Wafer Alignment - OAI Front and Back side aligner

For training on this equipment, contact the assigned module leads

OAI Model 508 BSA Front/Back Side Aligner


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General Information

Designed for maximum versatility, the OAI Model 500 high-resolution mask alignment and exposure system is a high-performance contact mask aligner developed for ultra-precise, submicron, level-to-level alignment lithography. The Model 500 features a family of interchangeable modular subsystems including a choice of exposure systems with intensity controlling power supplies, mask alignment tooling systems, and alignment optics. The Model 500 is a cost-effective design that enables the user to adapt quickly and easily to changing requirements. Ideal for both standard as well as unique applications, the Model 500 can be configured for a wide range of applications including infrared-based, substrate-to-mask alignment. Exposure systems facilitates quick change between the Near, Mid and Deep UV spectrums. The system can process a wide range of materials including glass and ceramic ranging in substrate size from 5mm to 200mm.

The Model 500 alignment tooling incorporates interchangeable mask/substrate chuck capability, differential micrometer or motorized electronic motions for the X, Y, and Theta axes, and an adjustable electronic clutch for setting substrate-to-mask pressure. This system utilizes a pneumatic load/unload mask assembly, and is available with single or split-field optics. The Series 500 features a processor interface and integrated vibration isolation system. The system may be operated in manual or semiautomatic modes. The laboratory-grade console provides the operator with ample work and storage areas. Unexcelled in long term reliability, versatility and ease of use, the Model 500 Mask Alignment and Exposure System is a powerful tool that combines functionality and low cost of ownership.

Features and Specifications

• High efficiency, uniform, exposure w/ iIntensity controlling power supply
• Submicron Printing and Level-to-Level Alignments
• Easily Interchangeable Mask Holders and Chucks
• User-settable, "Substrate-to Mask" Pressure
• Non-Contact, Soft Contact and Soft-through-Hard Vacuum Contact
• Infrared Alignment Capability
• Numerous Alignment Optics Options
• Automated Sequences as well as Fully Manual operation
• System Vibration Isolation having 4-quadrant independent adjustment

Training & Usage

Please contact the responsible module lead to schedule a training session. After attending the training session, you are expected to return within one week to test in the presence of the module lead. You may NOT use the equipment unsupervised until you have successfully passed the test.

If you do not log onto the equipment for any sixty (60) day period, you forfeit your qualification and must schedule your next session with the module lead to re-test.


Reservations for the equipment may be made on the scheduling sheet next to the equipment, or by contacting the module lead

Procedures & Documentation (Under Construction)