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Both UAlbany and RPI have an established track record in the area of cooperative interdisciplinary research which goes beyond the boundaries of single department, college, or school. This is true within each institution, as well as between the two institutions. The inter-institutional partnership is represented by the RPI-UAlbany Joint Laboratories for Advanced Materials (JLAM), which is an umbrella organization designed to nurture and encourage collective, multi-PI, research and development programs. This has led to a very effective cooperative research environment which is essential for the continued success in the semiconductor research. Additionally, both institutions are highly experienced with the management and operation of large semiconductor research centers. Faculty and staff associated with existing semiconductor centers at both institutions have significantly contributed not only in their research but in education and overall success of the institution. The centers at UAlbany and RPI have thus become a model in managing research, personnel development, and working with departments and schools. In this respect, both universities are extremely supportive of the FC-NY, and are providing the resources needed to build on its existing strengths and competencies, and assemble the additional scientific and technical capabilities required for its establishment as the preeminent R&D center for high technology industry in New York.

A strong management structure has been developed to supervise and guide FC-NY. This structure was designed to ensure proper implementation of the center's industry-driven mission and objectives, while guaranteeing a flexible and open environment for the development and implementation of novel scientific innovations and new frontier technical solutions. Professor Alain Kaloyeros of UAlbany serves as director of FC-NY and team representative of FC-NY on the Leadership Council of the national IFC. He is assisted and advised by two advisory boards: an Academic Advisory Board (AAB) and Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).

Professor Saroj K. Nayak of RPI is Director of the FC-NY, Rensselaer; the portion of the activities that occur at Rensselaer.


Center for Integrated Electronics
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, New York 12180

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