Micro and Nano Fabrication Clean Room (MNCR)
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Rensselaer’s Nanopatterning and fabrication clean room is a state-of-the-art, 10,000-square-foot, Class 100 multi-user facility with tools and infrastructure. MNCR currently performs end-to-end device fabrication, characterization, metrology and testing services to users from universities, local start-ups, and industrial institutions for research, education, and economic development. The facility has recently been upgraded to 8” wafer size with over $4M tools and infrastructure. While the facility is an 8” operation, it routinely processes 2-8” wafers for high speed electronics, power devices, ICs, and microsystems. In addition, the facility has a dedicated staff of six personnel to provide process solutions, training, teaching, and administration.

A schematic of MNCR’s hyperintegration
(wafer-to-wafer 3D) interconnect capability.

Some of the unique capabilities of the center include the ability to define 3D interconnects for hyperintegration (alignment, bonding, wafer thinning, through wafer via definition by deep- oxide and Silicon etching and metallization). Hyperintegration involves vertical wafer-wafer 3D interconnect architectures, associated materials, and process technologies. The tools for this include a state-of-the-art EVG aligner, copper deposition and CMP equipment, deep-Silicon and oxide etchers. MNCR also has state-of-the-art CMP and Copper metallization (barrier, seed, dep. or electroplating) capabilities.