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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rensselaer Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Ronald A. Bailey
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Ronald A. Bailey

Professor and Associate Department Head,
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ph.D., McGill University, 1960
B.S., University of Manitoba, 1956

Career Highlights:
Prior to joining Rensselaer in 1961, Bailey was a NATO Science Fellow at University College, London (1960-61) with Sir R. S. Nyholm.

Research Areas:
Coordination Chemistry
Synthesis and structural characterization of metal coordination compounds provide information on metal-ligand bonding. Two aspects of interest are, first, the modes of bonding of potentially ambidentate ligands with various metal ions, and second, mixed-metal complexes formed by organic ligands that bridge two different metal ions. Infrared and visible-UV spectroscopy, magnetic properties, X-ray diffraction, and electrochemical techniques are used in the characterization.

Rhenium Chemistry
Rhenium (IV) and (V) with organic oxygen and nitrogen donor ligands are studied to establish the factors that influence stability and structure in these systems. Their potential as redox catalysts is being explored.

Selected Publications:

Bailey, R. A.; Wait, S. C. "Design for a Miniature Portable Fume Hood" J. Chem. Edu. 1999, 76, 228-229.

Bailey, R. A.; Desai, S. B.; Hepfinger, N. F.; Hollinger, H. B.; Locke, P. S.; Miller, K. J.; Deacutis, J. J.; VanSteele, D. R. "Simultaneous Recording of Multiple Cooling Curves" J. Chem. Edu. 1997, 74, 732-733.

Bailey, R. A.; Geisler, C. "An Approach to Improving Communication-Skills in a Laboratory Setting - the Use of Writing Consultants" J. Chem. Edu. 1991, 68, 150-152.

Bailey, R. A. "Linkage of Laboratory Exercises with Theoretical Calculations on a Personal-Computer" J. Chem. Edu. 1989, 66, 836-837.

Zubrick, J. W.; Bailey, R. A. "Glass Working Bifocals for the Undergraduate Laboratory" J. Chem. Edu. 1988, 65, 919-919.

Bailey, R. A.; Rothaupt, K. L.; Kullnig, R. K. "Synthesis and Structure of Bis(1,1-Diethyl-3-(2-Chlorobenzoyl)Thioureido)Nickel(Ii)" Inorg. Chim. Acta 1988, 147, 233-236.

Aikens, D. A.; Bailey, R. A.; Strong, R. L. "Computerized Checking of Data in Undergraduate Laboratories" J. Chem. Edu. 1988, 65, 343-343.

Bailey, R. A.; Yoko, T. "High-Temperature Electroplating of Chromium from Molten Flinak" J. Appl. Electrochem. 1986, 16, 737-744.


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