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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rensselaer Undergraduate Chemistry
Undergraduate Chemistry
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Electives and Focus Areas

Engineering Chemistry

Chemical engineering is very different from chemistry, but there is much overlap and the ability to understand engineering concepts can be useful in certain industrial positions. The following courses will permit you  to bridge the disciplines of chemistry and chemical engineering for industrial employment that requires competence in both fields and allows the option of graduate school in either. Another option is to take a dual degree in Chemistry and Chemical engineering. This is, however, a difficult program that requires careful course scheduling and should not be undertaken without discussion with your advisor.

CHME-2010 Material, Energy & Entropy Balances
CHME-4010 Fluid Mechanics and Hest Transfer
CHME-4020 Heat and Mass Transfer
CHME-4030 Chemical Process Dynamics and Control
CHME-4040 Chemical Engineering Separations
CHME-4500 Chemical Reactor Design
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