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Co-Terminal B.S. - M.S. Program

Juniors and first semester seniors who meet certain requirements can apply for admission to the graduate program and, by delaying completion of the B.S., can get continuing undergraduate support for a fifth year. In this way, they can complete requirements for both the B.S. and M.S. degrees at the same time.

Students intending to do this in Chemistry should be aware of the following:

The M.S. in Chemistry requires a thesis. This can count from 6 to 9 of the 30 credits beyond the B.S. required for the M.S. degree. This is a research thesis that will require a significant effort that probably cannot be accomplished in two academic years. Students must be prepared to spend at least one and probably two summers of full time research work. Summer support is not included as part of the program, but students may get support from their research advisor, if he or she has funding available and is willing to use it for this purpose. In the event that time beyond the fifth year is required to complete the M.S. requirements, additional support is not guaranteed but may be provided by the research advisor. Because of the research component, students should choose a research advisor as early as possible, preferably before applying for admission to the program. Students who have already begun undergraduate research will have an advantage; early participation in undergraduate research is strongly advised for students contemplating this option.

Upon admission to the program, students will be regarded as graduate students by the department but will not normally receive departmental support. They will not be required to take the placement exams.

Students in this program who wish to transfer to the Ph.D. program must apply for it, and will be considered new applicants. 

Chemistry majors can apply for the co-terminal degree program in another department, getting a B.S. in chemistry and an M.S. in the other discipline if accepted. The M.S. in Applied Science is a possible option that does not require a thesis. Students need to discuss their plans with an advisor from the department from which they plan to obtain the M.S. degree.


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