William Gill

Microelectronic Processing

CAIST:  Our work on microelectronics is being done in the framework of our new Center for Advanced Interconnect Science and Technology.  This interdisciplinary center is housed at RPI and includes investigators from various engineering disciplines, chemistry, physics, and materials science and mathematics.  This new Center has existed for one year and has grown out of a smaller 8-year effort.  The following topics are being studied:

(1) Experiments and Models on Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper Films Using  Organometallic Precursors in thermal and plasma CVD Systems.

(2) Kinetics of Chemical Vapor Deposition of Dielectric Films (SiO2) by  Decomposition of Organic (TEOS)  Precursors: Models and Experiments.

(3) Spin-On Aerogels For Deep Sub-Micron Devices (with J. Plawsky and P.  Wayner).

(4) CVD of Low Dielectric Constant Polymer Films: Models and Experiments.

(5) Modeling And Simulation Of Conformal Deposition, Structure And Properties Of  Thin Films In  Microelectronic Devices: (A proposed interdisciplinary  program involving nine professors from Chemical, Civil, Mechanical  Engineering, Materials Science, Computer Science and Mathematics).

(6) Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) of  Thin Films with S. Murarka).

(7) Pulsed electroplating of copper for microelectronic devices.


(1) Recycle and Purification of Integrated Circuit Etching Solutions by Membrane  Separations.
(2) Development and Demonstration of Hybrid Membrane-Adsorption Systems for  Hazardous Waste Reduction in Metals Finishing Industry with S. Cramer.

Reaction Engineering

(1) Polymer to Ceramic Composite Pyroloysis.