Arthur Fontijn

Professor Fontijn is Director of the High-Temperature Reaction Kinetics Laboratory, housed in the Chemical Engineering Building, where his graduate students are located. He earned his degrees from the University of Amsterdam. His undergraduate work was in Physics and Chemistry and thereafter he specialized in Physical Chemistry. He was an NRC of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow in Radiation Chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan, a Research Associate in the Upper Atmosphere Chemistry Research Group at McGill University, and was employed by AeroChem Research Laboratories, Inc., Princeton, NJ, initially as Physical Chemist, thereafter as Head of the Reaction Kinetics Group and Vice-President. He joined Rensselaer in 1981. He has held visiting appointments at: the Chemistry Department of Queen Mary College, London University, England; CSIRO, Sydney, Australia; the Photophysics and Photochemistry Laboratory of the University of Bordeaux, France; the Oxford University Centre for Applied Kinetics, England.

Dr. Fontijn's research activities have been predominantly in the kinetics of atom and free-radical reactions in the gas phase. His principal recent activities and current interests are in combustion chemistry, gaseous metal species reactions, high-temperature reactions, and kinetic spectrometry.

Dr. Fontijn is the author of some 130 refereed articles and a number of book chapters and patents. He has edited three books and is a recipient of the Silver Medal of the Combustion Institute (1974) and the A.C.S. Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology (1985). He has for over twenty years a member of the Editorial Board of "Combustion and Flame". He has organized several symposia for ACS National, and IUPAC International, Meetings and has served on several committees for the ACS, IUPAC, the Combustion Institute, as well as government grant agencies.