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Robinson, J., Snyder, M.A., Belisle, C., Liao, J., Chen, H., He, X., Xu, Y., Cramer, S.M.
Investigating the impact of aromatic ring substitutions on selectivity for a multimodal anion exchange prototype library
J. Chromatogr. A., 1569, 101-109, (2018)

Robinson, J., Roush, D., Cramer, S.M.
Domain contributions to antibody retention in multimodal chromatography systems
J. Chromatogr. A., 1563, 89-98, (2018)

Trasatti, J.P., Woo, J., Ladiwala, A, Cramer, S.M., Karande, P.
Rational Design of Peptide Affinity Ligands for the Purification of Therapeutic Enzymes
Biotechnol. Prog., in press

Timmick, S.M., Vecchiarello, N., Goodwine, C., Crowell, L.E., Love, K.R., Love, J.C., and Cramer, S.M.
An impurity characterization based approach for the rapid development of integrated downstream purification processes
Biotech. And Bioeng., 119, 2048-2060 (2018)

Srinivasan, K., Sorci, M., Sejergaard, L., Ranjan, S., Belfort, G. and Cramer, S.M.
Protein Binding Kinetics in Multimodal Systems: Implications for Protein Separations
Anal. Chem., 90, 2609-2617 (2018)


Srinivasan, K., Banerjee, S., Parimal, S., Sejergaard, L., Berkovich, R., Barquera, B., Garde, S., and Cramer, S.M.
Single molecule force spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations as a combined platform for probing protein face specific binding
Langmuir, 33 (41), 10851-10860 (2017)

Banerjee, S. Parimal, S. and Cramer, S.M.
A Molecular Modeling Based Method to Predict Elution Behavior and Binding Patches of Proteins in Multimodal Chromatography
J. Chromatogr. A., 1515, 45-48, (2017)

Keller, W.R., Evans, S.T., Ferreira, G., Robbins, D., Cramer, S.M.
Understanding operational system differences for transfer of miniaturized chromatography column data using simulations
J. Chromatogr. A., 1515, 154-163, (2017)

Robinson, J. R., Karkov, S. H., Woo, J. A., Krogh, B. A., Cramer, S. M.
QSAR models for prediction of chromgatographic behavior of homologous Fab variants
Biotech. and Bioeng., 114(6) 1231-1240, (2017)

Parimal S., Garde, S., Cramer S. M.
Effect of guanidine and arginine on protein-ligand interations in multimodal cation-exchange chromatography
Biotechnol. Prog., 33(2) 435-447, (2017)


Keller, W. R., Evans, S. T., Ferreira, G., Robbins, D., Cramer, S.M.
Use of MiniColumns for Linear Isotherm Parameter Estimation and Prediction of Benchtop Column Performance
J. Chromatogr. A. , 1418 94-102, (2015)

Woo, J. A., Chem, H., Snyder, M. A., Chai, Y., Frost, R. G., Cramer, S. M.
 Defining the property space for chromatographic ligands from a homologous series of mixed-mode ligands
J. Chromatogr. A. , 1407 58-68, (2015)

Woo, J. A., Parimal, S., Brown, M. R., Heden, R., Cramer, S. M.
The effect of geometrical presentation of multimodal cation-exchange ligands on selective recognition of hydrophobic regions on protein surfaces
J. Chromatogr. A. , 1412 33-42, (2015)

Parimal, S., Garde, S., Cramer, S. M.
Interactions of Multimodal Ligands with Proteins: Insights into Selectivity Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Langmuir , 31(27) 7512-7523, (2015)

Karkov, H. S., Krogh, B. O., Woo, J., Parimal, S., Ahmadian, H., Cramer, S. M.
Investigation of protein selectivity in multimodal chromatography using in silico designed Fab fragment variants
Biotech. And Bioeng. , 112(11) 2305-2315, (2015)


Srinivasan, K., Parimal, S., Lopez, M. M., McCallum, S. A., Cramer, S. M.
Investigation into the Molecular and Thermodynamic Basis of Protein Interactions in Multimodal Chromatography Using Functionalized Nanoparticles
Langmuir , 30(44) 13205-13216, (2014)

Sheth, R. D., Bhut, B. V., Jin, M., Li, Z., Chen
Affinity Precipitation Process Using Scaled-Down Filtration Techniques
J. Biotechnol. , 192 11-19, (2014)

Carvalho, R. , Woo, J., Aires-Barros, M. R., Cramer, S. M., Azevedo, A. M.
Phenylboronate Chromatography Selectively Separates Glycoproteins through the Manipulation of Electrostatic, Charge Transfer, and Cis-diol Interactions
Biotechnol. J. , 9(10) 1250-1258, (2014)

Parimal, S., Cramer, S. M., Garde, S.
Application of a Spherical Harmonics Expansion Approach for Calculating Ligand Density Distributions Around Proteins.
J. Phys. Chem. B , 118(46) 13066-13076, (2014)

Sejergaard, L., Krarup, J. K., Karkov, H. S., Hagel, A. B. B., Cramer, S. M.
Model-Based Process Development for the Purification of a Modified Human Growth Hormone Using Multimodal Chromatography
Biotechnol. Prog. , 30(5) 1057-1064, (2014)

Sheth, R. D., Jin, M., Bhut, B. V., Li, Z., Chen, W., Cramer, S. M.
Affinity Precipitation of a Monoclonal Antibody From an Industrial Harvest Feedstock Using an ELP-Z Stimuli Responsive Biopolymer
Biotech. And Bioeng. , 111(8) 1595-1603, (2014)


Karkov, H. S., Sejergaard, L., Cramer, S. M.
Methods development in multimodal chromatography with mobile phase modifiers using the steric mass action model
J. Chromatogr. A , 1318(29) 149-155, (2013)

Buyel, J. F., Woo, J. A., Cramer, S. M., Fischer, R.
The use of quantitative structure-activity relationship models to develop optimized processes for the removal of tobacco host cell proteins during biopharmaceutical production
J. Chromatogr. A. , 1322(27) 18-28, (2013)

Sheth, R. D., Madan, B., Chen, W., Cramer, S. M.
High-Throughput Screening for the Development of a Monoclonal Antibody Affinity Precipitation Step Using ELP-Z Stimuli Responsive Biopolymers
Biotech. And Bioeng. , 110(10) 2664-2676, (2013)

Levy, M. H., Goswami, S., Plawsky, J., Cramer, S. M.
Parameters Governing the Formation of Photopolymerized Silica Sol–Gel Monoliths in PDMS Microfluidic Chips
Chromatographia , 76(15) 993-1002, (2013)

Levy, M. H., Plawsky, J., Cramer, S. M.
Photopolymerized Sol-Gel Monoliths for Separations of Glycosylated Proteins and Peptides in Microfluidic Chips.
J. Sep. Sci., 36(14) 2358-2365, (2013)

Chandra, D., Morrison, C. J., Woo,J., Cramer, S., Karande, P.
Design of peptide affinity ligands for S-protein: A comparison of combinatorial and de novo design strategies
Molec. Divers., 17(2) 357-356, (2013)


Holstein, M. A., Parimal, S., McCallum, S. A., Cramer, S. M.
Effects of Urea on Selectivity and Protein-Ligand Interactions in Multimodal Cation Exchange Chromatography
Langmuir, 29(1) 158-167, (2012)

Holstein, M.A., Parimal, S, McCallum, S.A., and Cramer, S.M.
Mobile phase modifier effects in multimodal cation exchange chromatography
Biotech. & Bioeng., 109 (1) 176-186, (2012)

Holstein, M.A., Nikfetrat, A.M., Gage, M., Hirsh, A.G., and Cramer, S.M.
Improving selectivity in multimodal chromatography using controlled pH gradient elution
J. Chromatogr. A., 1233, 152-155, (2012)

Holstein, M.A., Chung, W.K., Parimal, S., Freed, A.S., Barquera, B., McCallum, S.A., and Cramer, S.M.
Probing multimodal ligand binding regions on ubiquitin using nuclear magnetic resonance, chromatography, and molecular dynamics simulations
J. Chromatogr. A., 1229, 113-120, (2012)


Sheth, R.D., Morrison, C.J. and Cramer, S.M. 
Selective displacement chromatography in multimodal cation exchange systems
J. Chromatogr. A., 1218 (51), 9250-9259, (2011)

Cramer, S.M. and Holstein, M. 
Dowstream bioprocessing: recent advances and future promise
Current opinion in chemical engineering, 1(1) pp 27-37 (2011)

Freed, A.S., Garde, S., and Cramer, S.M. 
Molecular Simulations of Multimodal Ligand-Protein Binding: Elucidation of Binding Sites and Correlation with Experiments
J. Phys. Chem. B 115(45) 13320-13327, (2011)

Morrison CJ, Gagnon P, Cramer SM 
Purification of Monomeric mAb From Associated Aggregates Using Selective Desorption Chromatography in Hydroxyapatite Systems
Biotechnol. Bioeng., 108 (4), 813-821 (2011)

Nagrath, D., Xia F. and Cramer, S.M. 
Characterization and modeling of nonlinear hydrophobic interaction chromatographic systems
J. Chromatogr. A, 1218 (9) 1219-1226 (2011)

Hou, Y. and Cramer, S.M. 
Evaluation of Selectivity in Multimodal Anion Exchange Systems: A Priori Prediction of protein retention and examination of mobile phase modifier effects
J. Chromatogr. A
, 1218(43) 7813-7820 (2011)

Freed, A. and Cramer, S.M.
Protein-Surface Interaction Maps for Ion-Exchange Chromatography
Langmuir, 27 (7) 3561-3568 (2011)

Hou Y, Jiang C.P., Shukla A.A., and Cramer S.M.
Improved Process Analytical Technology for Protein A Chromatography Using Predictive Principal Component Analysis Tools
Biotech. and Bioeng., 108 (1) 59-68 (2011)

Evans, S.T., Holstein, M. and Cramer, S.M.
Detection of Trace Proteins in Multicomponent Mixtures using Displacement Chromatography
Anal. Chem., 83(11) 4184-4192 (2011)

Hou, Y., Morrison, C.J. and Cramer, S.M. 
Classification of Protein Binding in Hydroxyapatite Chromatography: Synergistic Interactions on the Molecular Scale
Anal. Chem., 83(10) 3709-3716 (2011)


Morrison C.J., Gagnon P., and Cramer S.M.
Unique selectivity windows using selective displacers/eluents and mobile phase modifiers on hydroxyapatite
J. Chromatogr. A, 1217  (42), 6484-6495 (2010)

Chung W.K., Holstein M.A., Freed A.S., Evans S.T., Baer Z.C., and Cramer, S.M. 
Ion Exchange Chromatographic Behavior of a Homologous Cytochrome C Variant Library Obtained by Controlled Succinylation
Sep. Sci. and Tech., 45 (15), 2144-2152 (2010)

Hou Y, Hansen T.B., Staby A., and Cramer S.M.
Effects of urea induced protein conformational changes on ion exchange chromatographic behavior
J. Chromatogr. A, 1217 (47), 7393-7400 (2010)

Morrison C.J., Moore J.A. and Cramer S.M.
Alkyl Based Selective Displacers for Protein Purification in Ion Exchange Chromatography
Chromatographia, 72 (11-12), 1025-1034 (2010)

Zhang S.J., Xia K., Chung W.K., Cramer S.M., and Colon W.
Identifying kinetically stable proteins with capillary electrophoresis
Protein Sci., 19 (4), 888-892 (2010)

Chung, W.K., Freed, A.S., Holstein, M.A., McCallum, S.A., and Cramer, S.M.
Evaluation of protein adsorption and preferred binding regions in multimodal chromatography using NMR
PNAS,107 (39) 16811-16816 (2010)

Evans, S.T., Huang, X., and Cramer, S.M.
Using Aspen to Teach Chromatographic Bioprocessing: A Case Study in Weak Partitioning Chromatography for Biotechnology Applications
Chemical Eng. Education, 44(3), p 198 (2010)

Evans, S.T., Morrison, C.J., Freed, A.s., and Cramer, S.M.
The effect of feed composition on the behavior of chemically selective displacement systems
J. Chromatogr. A, 1217 (8) 1249-1254 (2010)

Chung, W.K., Hou, Y., Holstein, M., Freed, A., Makhatadze, G.I., and Cramer, S.M.
Investigation of protein binding affinity in multimodal chromatographic systems using a homologous protein library
J. Chromatogr. A, 1217 (2) 191-198 (2010)

Chung, W.K., Evans, S.T., Freed, A.S., Keba, J.J., Baer, Z.C., Rege, K., and Cramer, S.M.
Utilization of Lysozyme Charge Ladders to Examine the Effects of Protein Surface Charge Distribution on Binding Affinity in Ion Exchange Systems
Langmuir, 26(2), 759–768 (2010)


Morrison CJ, Breneman CM, Moore JA, and Cramer SM
Evaluation of Chemically Selective Displacer Analogues for Protein Purification
Anal. Chem., 81(15) 6186-6194 (2009)

Chung, W.K., Hou, Y., Freed, A, Holstein, M., Makhatadze, G., and Cramer, S.M.
Investigation of protein binding affinity and preferred orientations in ion exchange systems using a homologous protein library
Biotech. Bioeng., Volume 102, Issue 3 (p 869-881) (2009)  (cover art featured on journal cover)

Evans, S. and Cramer, S.M.
Displacer concentration effects in displacement chromatography. Implications for trace solute detection
J. Chromatogr. A, 1216 (1) 79-85 (2009)

Goswami S, Bajwa N, Asuri P, Ci LJ, Ajayan PM, and Cramer SM
Aligned Carbon Nanotube Stationary Phases for Electrochromatographic Chip Separations
Chromatographia, 69 (5-6) 473-480 (2009)

Morrison, C.J. and Cramer, S.M.
Characterization and Design of Chemically Selective Cationic Displacers Using a Robotic High Throughput Screen
Biotech. Progress.,  25 (3) 825-833  (2009)

Morrison, C.J.; Godawat, R.; McCallum, S.A.; Garde, S.; Cramer, S.M.
Mechanistic Studies of Displacer-Protein Binding in Chemically Selective Displacement Systems using NMR and MD Simulations
Biotech. Bioeng., 102(5) 1428-1437 (2009) (featured article)

Barua S, Joshi A, Banerjee A, Matthews D, Sharfstein ST, Cramer SM,  Kane RS, and Rege K
Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Polymers for Nonviral Gene Delivery
Molecular Pharmaceutics, 6 (1) 86-97 (2009)







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