First degree heading - Name of project

Second degree heading - Name of author of project

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  • Makes a bullet, can use small li or large LI
    horizontal line

    Start a new paragraph.
    Line break (carridge return to a new line).

      starts ordered list, now LI will get numerical order instead of a bullet.
    1. First item on list.
    2. Second item.
    3. Third item.
    Here is how to insert a figure: (it should be .gif or .jpe, but no file is provided here)

    Here is how to make a link: title or text for link (no file provided here) The b in the brackets makes the title bold. A link to a file in the same directory needs only the file name. A file in a lower directory needs the directory name as well. A file at RPI in a higher directory needs a lot of help, e.g., /dept/chem-eng/Biotech-Environ/COAG/filename.htm.

    A trick that I learned recently is to use .. to go up one directory. For example, ../ will take you up one directory and ../../ will take you up two directories.

    A file elsewhere needs the whole works in its link. Here is an example:
    A barebone guide to HTML

    This is in italics

    This will       be  spaced     exactly as typed.
    It   can   go   on   and on.