Where are the pages coming from ?

A home page, index, and the starting links must stem from the teacher. The audience is usually students in a particular course, but the authors may address a wider group or may have alternative links that suit persons with various interests and goals.

Many of the pages for review of science are already on the WWW, but each author may have aimed them at a selected audience. Pages that are in the Public Domain may be copied and edited to make them more suitable for review. Original authors should be cited and credited generously.

At R.P.I. in two of the author's engineering courses, students have term projects. All but a few end up as pages for the WWW. As we approach coverage of all of the topics in our courses, it is timely to go back to improve and extend existing pages. Our students very much enjoy authoring pages for the WWW and are enthusiastic about the term project assignment. They become expert at navigating the internet, develop HTML skills, and show their pages to friends and family. Many of their pages are excellent, and those that are not provide good starting points for better pages.

The teacher coordinates the project and will have to author quite a few pages.

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