Science Review for Engineering Courses on the WWW

by Henry R. Bungay
Howard P. Isermann Department of Chemical Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180-3590


Most university courses are overburdened with review material. For example, courses in biochemical engineering or environmental engineering may have microbiology and organic chemistry as prerequisites, but there will usually be two or three weeks of review to insure that all students have a foundation for the engineering topics. Using the World Wide Web for review will:
  1. Free up class time for the main topics.
  2. Stop penalizing good students who have learned and retained this material and paid for it in previous courses.
  3. Customize review to suit each student.
  4. Place material conveniently by linking near dependent new material.
  5. Have on-line review always available.
With links to prerequisite topics, course can be streamlined, focussed, and more sophisticated. Many pages suitable for reviewing are on the WWW already at your own or at other institutions.