Rules for Clemson model

This was the homework the last time this course was taught. It is not assigned this semester. See homework for following week. If you prefer this problem or have already started, you can hand in either.

Please work in a team of 2 to 4 persons.

  1. Refresh yourselves on the execution of the Clemson model for activated sludge.
  2. Select some specifications that seem to resemble a typical operation.
  3. Vary the parameters over which you might have control for a real process. These are SRT, recycle specifications, D.O., and maybe alkalinity (by adding lime).
  4. Try to derive some rules based on cause and effect.
  5. Change one or two of the loading or biological parameters, observe how process performance changes, and try the rules that you derived to see if you can correct the process performance to be closer to your run for "typical operation".
  6. Submit a 1 to 3 page, brief report about your experiences. The report is due one week after the assignment.