Process Dynamics Modules

We are involved in a multiuniversity (Delaware, Siena, VPI, Hudson Valley Community College, Maryland, and Central State University) project ( Project LINKS) to integrate mathematics and its applications throughout the engineering and science curriculum. The goal of the project is to overcome the traditional separation of courses into many departments; this compartmentalization often makes it difficult for students to grasp the intimate connections that exist between mathematics and its applications in engineering and science. The three primary strategies of the project are to
  • stimulate greater cooperation among faculty in mathematics and other disciplines in the creation of instructional material
  • encourage interactive teaching and learning strategies
  • continue pioneering efforts in the application of contemporary technology for educational purposes. An important component of the project is the development of hypertext documents that link important mathematical topics with applications in engineering and science.

    The following modules are in various stages of development. They will be completed once the Project LINKS standards have been established.

  • Diabatic CSTR

  • Biochemical Reactor Under revision.

  • Stirred Tank Heater