Top ten problems with control students:

10. Think that Laplace is played on the new Astroturf field.

9. Think that right-half-plane poles are from Eastern Europe.

8. Think that a step test is an exam given in an aerobics class.

7. Think of Claudia Schiffer (or Fabio) when you mention a process model.

6. Think that deadtime is the 50 minutes they spend in control class.

5. Think that you're talking about Ru Paul when you mention crossover.

4. Think that a Pade' approximation is a liver substitute.

3. Think that the RGA should be admissable as evidence in a courtroom trial.

2. Think that "semi-proper" refers to a dress code.

1. Believe that an "all-pass" filter should be used at Sutter's.

Submitted by a control professor on the verge of instability.

(appeared in the Rensselaer Polytechnic, Vol. CXIV, No. 28, 19 Apr 95, p. 15.)

Version appearing in Control Systems Magazine, 2001 (.pdf, 200 kB)