Drug Delivery Model Development

The simulink block for the "patient" obtainable from cpc_drug.mdl is to be used for development of transfer function models between the outputs and the inputs of the process. The specifications for the process are given below:

Inputs (Manipulated variables)

NP infusion : steady state value = 0 ug/kg/min (no drug infusion)

DP infusion : steady state value = 0 ug/kg/min (no drug infusion)

Measured Outputs

Mean arterial pressure (MAP) : steady state value = 120 mmHg

Cardiac output (CO) : steady state value = 130 ml/kg/min

You should attempt to develop transfer functions between each of the inputs and the outputs, i.e. four transfer functions in all. You will develop transfer functions by running step tests, one input at a time, and observing the output responses. The simulink block has measurement noise built into it, so that you will obtain a noisy response to your step inputs. You will then attempt to fit the observed response to a transfer function model, and comment on the goodness of fit.

Submissions for this stage of the project must include the transfer functions you develop, and plots of all the output step responses. Follow usual procedures of plotting both the input and output variables. Provide proper titles, labels and legends. Attach a memo with your work consisting of a description of the procedure you followed for model development, and a discussion of your results. You may also include a discussion on any other issues you may consider important.

Questions, etc. may be posed in person or by e-mail to raor@rpi.edu.