Travel support for students attending 1998 ACC

Thanks to the National Science Foundation (NSF), USA, the 1998 American Control Conference has received travel funds for students registered in US universities for attending the conference. These funds will be used to partially offset the cost incurred by the student attendees presenting papers at the ACC. Please check the web site periodically for further details or contact the address below. To be eligible for the grant, (1) at the time of application you must be enrolled at an institution of higher learning in the United States, (2) you must be a (co)author of a paper accepted for presentation at the ACC and (3) you will present the paper at the ACC. Please furnish the following information via regular mail to the address listed below:
  1. Your Name (First Name, Middle Initial, Lastname):
  2. Institutional Address:
  3. Phone/Fax/E-mail:
  4. Advisor's Name:
  5. Advisor's Phone/Fax/E-mail:
  6. Session/Title of the Paper you are presenting:
  7. Amount of support requested (Note that actual support will depend on the number of applicants):
  8. A letter of justification, from you for the request of financial support
  9. Letter of certification from your academic advisor on the institutional letterhead, stating that you are currently enrolled as a student and are planning to attend the 1998 ACC.

Please do not fax this information to avoid duplication of requests.

Deadline for submission: June 1, 1998.

Pradeep Misra
RC-311, Electrical Engineering
Wright State University
3640 Col. Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, OH 45435-0001
TEL: (937) 775-5062