1998 American Control Conference
Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.
June 24-26, 1998

Letter from Linda G. Bushnell, Vice-Chair for Invited Sessions

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your interest in the 1998 American Control Conference. Enclosed are forms for submission of INVITED SESSION proposals. Please note the following requirements of your proposal:

  1. Your proposal should begin with an overview, explaining the unifying theme, the relevancy of the topic to the aims of the ACC, and generally summarizing the contribution of each individual paper.
  2. Following the overview, your proposal should contain extended summaries (at least 1000 words each to allow an informed review) for each paper in the session. Sessions should have 6 papers. (All papers, regular and short, will be allowed 20 minutes for presentation). Sessions with an unfilled slot may be filled with a contributed paper of a similar theme. Also, proposals with missing or inadequate summaries will likely be rejected. If you submit more than 6 papers, the Program Committee may either select a paper for rejection or relocate a paper to another session.
  3. Names, affiliations and complete mailing addresses of corresponding authors, as well as the session organizer(s) should be included; see enclosed forms. On the Invited Session Form, specify exactly one society affiliation (if more than one applies, select the most appropriate).
  4. Five copies of your proposal, completed Invited Sessions form and a Manuscript Submission form, should be mailed and postmarked to me to the address shown at the left by September 15, 1997. Due to time constraints, proposals mailed past this deadline will be returned.
  5. If you would like confirmation that your proposal has been received, include with your submission either a mailing label or a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  6. Each proposal will be evaluated and the Program Committee may choose to alter the makeup of proposed sessions based on the evaluations.
Attention to the above is required to assure uniformity for all invited session proposals. If you must contact me, electronic mail is the preferred method.

Linda G. Bushnell 98ACC Vice-Chair for Invited Sessions

Updated 17 Oct 96