Tutorial Session Guidelines

A tutorial is an ACC Invited Session. The purposes of the Tutorial Session are to integrate industrial practice and theoretical results, to increase industrial attendance in the ACC, and to educate attendees on an important technology.

The two-hour Tutorial Session will start with an hour-long presentation on a well-developed, relatively new, yet ready for industrial practice technology. It will be followed by four 15-minute presentations revealing industrial applications. This format can be modified if more than four industrial presentations are planned.

The hour-long tutorial is intended to attract an audience of control experts who want to broaden their knowledge on a specific topic. The tutorial presenter should be a recognized expert who has both academic and industrial credibility, who can present the technological concepts and implementation issues in an easily understandable manner, and who can satisfy questioners from either the theoretical or the practice community. The tutorial paper will be allowed 15 pages in the proceedings. The vision is, that after the AACC has 10 or so tutorials, the collection will be published as a text.

In contrast to the state-of-the-art, research flavor of most of ACC papers, the tutorial will be more like a chapter in a textbook which is designed for a clear exposition. In contrast to the visionary perspective and passive audience role of a plenary lecture, the tutorial will teach a standard technology and will encourage audience questions throughout the presentation. The Tutorial Session will be like a mini-Workshop, but free to the registered ACC attendees.

The tutorial presentation will be followed by four 15-minute presentations from industrial representatives who will reveal industrial implementation of the technology. Since the general technology will have been presented, these speakers can focus on establishing practice credibility; and most importantly, can feedback a practice view of the applicability, benefits, cautions, and needs for remaining technology development. The industrial representatives should reflect a variety of Professional Society Members of the AACC. These industrial presentations will be allowed 2 pages in the proceedings. While submission of a paper will be encouraged, in order to accommodate the publication issues within many businesses, a paper will neither be required nor expected.

Quality of the Tutorial Sessions is of primary importance. The organizer will submit the proposal for the Tutorial Session to the Vice Chair for Invited Sessions so that it can be evaluated through an independent review process. In the proposal, the organizer should submit a summary of the tutorial session that argues for the relevance of the topic, the benefit of presenting it to the ACC, and the qualifications of the tutorial presenter. The tutorial presenter will include a substantial portion of the tutorial so that reviewers can judge its completeness, quality, and whether the presentation is understandable to a wide range of ACC attendees. Industrial "authors" will have to describe their contribution in an extended abstract (about 1000 words). The submission deadline for Tutorial Sessions will be extended to October 15, 1997.