Conferences and Organizations

B. Wayne Bequette

Information on the Computing and Systems Technology Division (Area 10) of AIChE (CAST Programming Chair).

American Control Conferences are organized by the American Automatic Control Council (AACC) (Past President)

The Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting website is sponsored by the Diabetes Technology Society

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (Founding member of the Editorial Board)

CACHE Website (Academic Trustee)

Chemical Process Control - VIII (11-13 January, 2012) and FOCAPO - 2012 (8-11 January, 2012) Savannah (General Chair)

These previously held conferences were very successful (is this view from an unbiased observer?)

  • 2003 American Control Conference (General Chair) 4-6 June, 2003, Denver, CO
    My Conference Report from Control Systems Magazine (.pdf, 537 KB)

  • 2001 American Control Conference (Program Chair) 25-27 June, 2001, Arlington, VA

  • 1998 American Control Conference (Publicity Chair) 24-26 June, 1998, Philadelphia, PA

  • 1995 American Control Conference (Publications Chair) 21-23 June, 1995, Seattle, WA

  • Guest Editor, Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics Special Symposium on Glucose Monitoring and Control (February, 2005). My Editorial Overview (.pdf, 12 KB)

    Guest Editor, IEEE Control Systems Magazine Snapshots of Process Control (August & December, 2006). My Introduction to the August 2006 Issue(.pdf, 456 KB) My Introduction to the December 2006 Issue(.pdf, 928 kB)