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A new class of synthetic membranes: Organophilic pervaporation brushes for organics recovery by Grimaldi, Imbrogno, et. al. was just accepted in ACS Chemistry of Materials. See the early view publication here!

MIRCO SORCI returns from Italy!!

Cosolute Effects on Amyloid Aggregation in a Nondiffusion Limited Regime: Intrinsic Osmolyte Properties and the Volume Exclusion Principle" by Murray et al. was published in Langmuir (DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b00254).

Gwenda Law, a high school researcher working with Brian Murray, won the American Society of Microbiology award on March 21, 2015, at the Greater Capital Region Science and Engineering Fair, Inc. (affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair).

Dr. Georges Belfort presented a lecture on biofuel recovery at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia February 22-26. Read More

Joseph Imbrogno won first place at the poster competition during the ECI Advanced Membrane Technology VI conference! Read More

Dr. Georges Belfort and Joseph Imbrogno presented at the ECI Advanced Membrane Technology VI: Water, Energy, and New Frontiers Conference in Sicily, Italy February 8-13, 2015. Read More

Dr. Georges Belfort has been awarded the Alan S. Michaels Award for Innovation in Membrane Science and Technology from the North American Membrane Society (NAMS). Read More

Dr. G. Belfort, Joseph Grimaldi, and Joseph Imbrogno presented oral presentations at The 247th ACS National Meeting in Dallas, TX March 16-20, 2014. Read More