New Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Facebook Page!

The third floor biotech softball team (with help from the Belfort group) won the 2015 Intramural Softball Tournament with a final score of 19-9 during the 6th inning (see team picture)!!

The Belfort group had its first volleyball/BBQ party this week on 6/24/2015 (see updated Belfort Group picture)!

Brian Murray and Seth Pearson presented posters at the Albany 2015: Conversation 19 Conference on June 9-13, 2015 at UAlbany.

Joseph Imbrogno won 4th place at the poster competition during the 25th Annual NAMS Meeting!

Joseph Imbrogno presented work on chiral membrane separations and Dr. Georges Belfort presented work on novel brush membranes for separation of organics using pervaporation at the 25th Annual NAMS Meeting in Boston, MA, June 1-3, 2015. Recently graduated PhD student Joseph Grimaldi was in attendance as well (currently employed at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.).

A new class of synthetic membranes: Organophilic pervaporation brushes for organics recovery by Grimaldi, Imbrogno, et. al. was just accepted in ACS Chemistry of Materials. See the early view publication here!

Joseph Imbrogno won first place at the poster competition during the ECI Advanced Membrane Technology VI conference!