Professor Bungay has retired from classroom teaching. His old multimedia course outline has been revised for more flexibility. The order is still roughly chronological as linked to his textbook.


H.R. Bungay, "BASIC Environmental Engineering" BiLine Assoc.,Troy, NY, 1992.
  • Text errata and updates
  • Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering

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    Background Material

    Survey of Microbiology and Biochemistry
    A student should already know at least 70% of this background material.
    Engineering refreshers: Pumps, Valves, Process Dynamics
  • Quiz on simulation
  • Simulation Homework

  • Simulation


      Units and Terminology,
      Water and wastewater testing
      Biochemical Oxygen Demand - BOD
      Most Probable Number

    Chemical Engineering Approaches

     Mass Transfer and Mixing
     Agitation for environmental processes
     Sag curves
     Estimation of Kla

    Unit Operations


    Unit Processes

      Chemical Equilibrium,
     Ion Exchange:

    Biological treatment of wastes

    New biotreatment
      Batch Bioprocesses
    Continuous Processes
    Mixed Cultures
    Old version of Biological treatment of wastes


     Sludge Disposal,

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