Capturing Text and Images

Painless way for text using an editor such as Microsoft Word:

  1. text from the internet: Hold down the left mouse button while dragging across the desired text to highlite it. Copy with Ctrl and c keys and paste into Microsoft Word. Save as "Web Page".

  2. type your text directly into Microsoft Word.
    Save as "Web Page".

Text for more flexibility:

Find a web page that looks nice and use the right mouse button to get a menu that has "View page source". Copy all of the source page as above and paste into your word processing program. Use "Save As" to move it to your desired location and with a name that has the appendage htm.

Or collect text for your web page as above and paste it to replace text in your template file. Practice with the template files in the folder MyNotes. On my computer, I can double click on the file MyNotes/NotesTemplate.txt, and it comes up in NotePad. After making changes, I use "Save As" with the appendage ".htm" and have a web page. Editing this new page with Microsoft Word will mess it up. Use WordPad or NotePad.


Simply click on the image with the right mouse button to invoke the menu with "Save image as" and put image in same folder with your web page.
Adding an image to a Microsoft Word file is commonplace. To add one using a text editor, use the template file from above to see how.

Anything on your computer screen can be captured as a image using the program Snipping Tool.