Topics for Environmental Systems Engineering

1Introduction, Chapter 1Email, XGRAF.BAS, Course Motivation, Terminology, Optional review of some bioscience concepts , Artificial Intelligence Terminology
2 Simulation, Chapter 2SIMBAS.BAS, Scaling, SAG.BAS, MatLab Oral Practical Quiz
3Process Dynamics, Chapter 3FORCE.BAS, BODE.BAS, CHEMDEL.BAS, DELAY.BAS, phase plane analysis, BODEX.BAS, CSTRS.BAS, Control valves
4Data Bases, Chapter 4PENDULUM.BAS, Homework, BYPASS techniques, Smart Spreadsheets
5Models, Chapter 5WEIGHTS.BAS, Clemson model, CURVEFIT.BAS, SLIFILM.BAS, Growth Rate Expressions - More than One Substrate,
6 Nutrition in dilute systemsLOWSUB.BAS,
7Networks, Chapter 6NETWORK.BAS, Homework, Hardy Cross Introduction
8Neural Networks , Chapter 7BACTERIA, MetaNeural, Homework
9Expert Systems, Chapter 8Who pays? (A primitive expert system) Homework to derive rules for activated sludge
10Expert systems (continued)ImpShell, Homework
11Fuzzy Logic, Chapter 9. FUZZY.BAS, FUZZYX.BAS, Homework, Tutorial
12Statistical Tools , Chapter 10SHEWHART.BAS, MKTABLE.BAS
13Probability, extreme valuesPDRFILL.BAS, MOLDY.BAS, PROBX.BAS
14ChemodynamicsHomework on interfaces
15Plumes/Acid RainReview, PLUMES/deposition
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