38.413 -Environmental Systems Engineering

Offered Fall term annually.
Taught by Henry R. Bungay


Not taught since 1997. Links no longer maintained, but should work from our alphabetical list of all topics.

Topics for Environmental Systems Engineering

1 Introduction, Chapter 1 Email, XGRAF.BAS, Course Motivation, Terminology, Review of some bioscience concepts , Artificial Intelligence Terminology 
2 Simulation, Chapter 2 SIMBAS.BAS, Scaling, SAG.BAS, MatLab, Oral Practical Quiz 
3 Process Dynamics, Chapter 3 FORCE.BAS, BODE.BAS, CHEMDEL.BAS, DELAY.BAS, phase plane analysis, BODEX.BAS, CSTRS.BAS,
4 Data Bases, Chapter 4 PENDULUM.BAS, Homework, BYPASS techniques, GUEST LECTURE on Thursday, Sept. 25, Smart Spreadsheets 
5 Models, Chapter 5 WEIGHTS.BAS, Clemson model, CURVEFIT.BAS, SLIFILM.BAS, Automata models, Plume models
6 Nutrition in dilute systems LOWSUB.BAS, Very detailed treatment of growth and nutrition 
7 Networks, Chapter 6 NETWORK.BAS,  Homework diagram from book , Hardy Cross Introduction 
8 and 9 Neural Networks , Chapter 7 We have a classroom license for  NeuroShell Easy Predictor. Please run its tutorial on a computer in the Ricketts building.  HomeworkExplanation 
10 Expert Systems, Chapter 8 Who pays? (A primitive expert system) Homework to derive rules for activated sludge  Go to top of this page and download impshell.zip.
11 Expert systems (continued)  ImpShell Homework New links I found last week (strictly optional): Self-reproducing automata , Neural nets, Neural nets, Fuzzy truck, Statistical quality control
12 Fuzzy Logic, Chapter 9. FUZZY.BAS, FUZZYX.BAS, Homework, Tutorial 
13 Statistical Tools , Chapter 10 Statistics/spreadsheet homework, SHEWHART.BAS, MKTABLE.BAS, 
14 Probability, extreme values PDRFILL.BAS, MOLDY.BAS, PROBX.BAS 
15 Chemodynamics, Plumes/Acid Rain  Review 
  • An ESE Quiz 
  • This semester's term projects not yet integrated into course

  • Humorous quiz 
  • Biofiltration
  • Phytoremediation
  • Microbiology and membrane treatment
  • Areal Precipitation Measurement
  • Review of smokestack distributions
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