The Summary Pages

Created by: Lukas B. Johnson as semester project, Spring '97



I created these summary pages because the amount of material for biochemical engineering at RPI on the web was starting to become rather extensive, but there was no way to tell what was important and what wasn't. Consequently, many of us (those that don't believe in xeroxing and reducing the book and web pages for our crib sheet) spent a lot of excess time reading through the pages, just like whoever is reading this is doing right now! Ah, sweet revenge! ;-)

The main goal of my summary pages is to reduce your search time by pointing out which material is most important before you start looking through the week's pages. Some lessons are fairly well organized, but there are some with lots of extra, non-pertinent information. Unfortunately, I had to keep the 'important concepts' to a minimum because if I gave too much away, I doubted that Dr. Bungay would put these out on the web (sorry, you'll have to get your scoop elsewhere).

A secondary goal is to make this material more accessible to anyone not in the class that is interested in the topic. Without the benefit of the class lectures, it is difficult to determine what material is really important.

The third goal is aesthetics. After all, who would want to look at some dreary gray web page when you can browse through something much more professional looking?

With a little upkeep by students (and the professor) in the future, these pages should help keep wasted time to a minimum, even in the future when the number of web pages becomes even more extensive. It would also be beneficial if students could add comments as the semester progresses, because I may have left out some important points. One possiblility for future upgrades might be to use frames to direct the browser (unfortunately, I had to leave these out because many people don't have this capability yet). One frame would have links to every page so that the student never misses a page because of the confusing structure of the links.