Animation of Squeezing of Biobags

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Speed:     Check to get dimples
As bag is squeezed, adjacent bag is released. United States Patent 8,070,354

  • Biobags when hung from the top by clamping the lid in place assume an undesirable pear shape.
  • To combat bulging, fasten front and back walls together at one or more locations (dimples).
  • These constraints create a highly desirable mixing that can range from very low shear to violent agitation.
  • There is a very unusual difference with dimples in that there is little mixing at low squeezing rates as the fluid goes up but has eddies on the release stroke that scour and suspend particles (cells) nicely.
  • Mixes to specification on squeeze stroke and release stroke , U. S. Patent 8,535,936
    By Henry Bungay, November 2015