Editing web pages from your flash drive

A file may have a Read-Only attribute. To edit this file you must first change it by clicking with the right button on your mouse to view the options. Select attributes and change the check mark in the Read-Only box.

How to collect pages from the internet

  1. Bring up the page in your browser
  2. Jot down or otherwise save the URL (address of the page)
  3. Use the file menu of your internet browser to save the the page. Almost all web browsers will save the images in a separate folder and fix the links to find them.
  4. If your browser fails to collect the images, you have to fetch the source file and link the images yourself. Use your right mouse button to click on any image. A menu will appear that asks where to save the image. From the source code of the page, you can find the name that the author gave to this image. Giving it the same file name will make it easier to put it in the correct place as you save it in your personal archive.
  5. Edit the file to attribute and acknowledge the original address and author.
  6. Add links to relate the new page to your other pages.

To invoke sounds

To use the following example as a template, click on this page with the right mouse button and select the option : "View page source". You also need to substitute any sound file that you create or find on the internet for my file monod.mp3. A program that comes with your computer records input from a microphone.

(Click the triangle to hear the correct pronounciation of Monod):

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