Biochemical Engineering

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Assignments for each week Grades

Background Material

Survey of Microbiology and Biochemistry
A student should already know at least 70% of this background material.


General Introduction      Biotechnology Overview (not required but supplements lecture)     Industrial Fermenters ,    Special Fermenters ,    The Industry,     Bioinformatics

Chemical Engineering Approaches

Review: Pumps, Valves, Process Dynamics
Simulation This is an easy method, but R.P.I. chemical engineers should use the ODE routines in MatLab.
Mass Transfer and Mixing

Bioprocessing With Growing Cultures

Cost of Nutrients Batch Bioprocesses
Continuous Processes High Rate Continuous Culture
Mixed Cultures Biological treatment of wastes New biotreatment

 What is going on inside the cells?

Aseptic Techniques


Processing With Immobilized Enzymes or Cells

Protein structure.       Enzyme Kinetics    Enzyme Kinetics: more advanced treatment by Prof. Dordick    Immobilized enzymes
Precipitation (reviews protein structure again)

 Mass transfer considerations

Downstream Processing (Recovery of Products)

Product Recovery, Early Steps    Guide to processes
Ion exchange.
Overview of recovery of proteins from fermentation broth.
Chromatography, Game with purification by chromatography.
Membrane Introduction, Microfiltration, Membrane Diffusion.
Electrophoretic Separations   QUIZ
Two-phase Aqueous Systems
Reversed micelles
Final steps
 Filling of powders


 Flow Cytometry

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