Weekly Assignments

Week Assignment


Getting started on the WWW: establish e-mail contact by sending a short message about what you have done on the World Wide Web. Include a picture of yourself. Send to both the prof and the T.A.


If no quiz this week, a report is due.


Chapter 3: You have an assignment to demonstate your skill at simulation. Sign up in groups of two to meet in the Merk Computer room in the Ricketts building.


Chapter 5: haven't decided yet whether a homework would be worthwhile.


Chapter 6: Make eight runs with EITHER FERMT.BAS or FERMT on the WWW in JavaScript, but note on your report which you used. The report only needs to be the BEST recipe for each run and its results (eight runs). In other words, one recipe per run times eight runs equals eight single recipes.


Chapter 9: Please send an e-mail to T.A. with best conditions for either STERIL.BAS or new version on WWW. Include what you learned from the exercise. This should be a 15 minute exercise; do not spend more time trying to make a few more cents profit.

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