Beer Brewing

Beer Brewing

Beer is the generic term for all malt beverages produced by the fermentation process. In its ranks include porters, ales, steam beers, lagers, and stouts. Beer brewing is an art that originated from the ancient Mesopotamia about 6000 years ago. Beer was even among the provisions on the Ark, as interpreted by professor Paul Haupt from a clay tablet found in ancient Nineveh. At that time, beer and bread were produced similarly. In today's world, beer brewing has become a science.

Beer brewing is a complex biochemical process. Instead of an obscure chemical product, the final result is something that we all love to savor, beer. The four main ingredients for making beer are:

Other ingredients can be added for specialty flavors or for aiding the fermentation process.

Brewing appears to be a complicated process, but in reality it can be simplified into a sequence of steps.

After the four steps are performed, beer is ready for your ingestion. So go down one and enjoy!

Ken Takeda


Thursday December 15, 21:11:15 EDT 1994

Equipment photographs courtesy of Empire Brewing Co. Syracuse, NY.