Biochemical Engineering in a Web Page Format

Henry Bungay

H.P. Isermann Department of Chemical Engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, 12180-3590
How to Use this Material

Many students will simply work from the flash drive. However, you can have a much more personalized book if you edit pages and supplement them with pages from the world wide web. Collect them so that you can alter them and customize them.

It makes no sense to capture entire pages from the web just to have them handy. Reasons for collecting pages are:

  1. Using a page from the internet that you can edit to customize it for your needs. You can delete sections that have little value, improve explanations, and supplement with information from other sources.
  2. Using a page not for its content but as a template for cutting and pasting with your own input.
  3. Correcting errors or bad grammar.
  4. Files can get abandoned and links can be lost. Why not capture pages as you find them?
It is unwise to collect pages that are in reliable web sites. For example, pages at Wikipedia are not going to get lost. They are updated and improved as needed. If you capture the page, it will be an old version rather quickly.

Templates are provided in the folder MyNotes for making web pages for your class notes. They are plain text files that you edit and then save with the appendage .htm. Use the template when you code with HTML. Do not use the template when your word processing program has the option to "Save As" a web page.

Fancy text editors can do the HTML coding for you when you "Save As" as a web page. However, Microsoft Word for example adds many lines of code that are difficult to read and that make it difficult to use coding tricks of your own.