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Introductory Biochemistry
Why is glucose most common sugar? starch and cellulose
Where does glucose come from ? photosynthesis
CO2 + H20 = carbohydrate
general idea: photons excite biochemical antenna, vibration energy drives biochemical reactions, need reducing power
What are the needs for carbohydrate polymers ? nutrition and structural
What are the characteristics of nutritional polymers ? easy to polymerize and easy to depolymerize
How about structural ? resistant to hydrolysis cellulases in bacteria, molds, wood rots, snails, termites, but animals that break down cellulose have intestinal organisms
Other main classes of biochemicals? proteins, lipids, nucleic acids
peptide bond
fats and glycerol
purines and pyrimidines, important as phosphates DNA for genetics (with a few exceptions), genes and chromosomes RNA for every day metabolic control, ribosomes
high energy bonds
Polar and non-polar compounds; membranes, waxy coatings
Enzymes; all are proteins
active site: atomic vise
polar regions and non-polar; 3-dimensional and with cofactors for specificity
inhibition: competitive and non-comp
stability, pH and temp optima

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