Updates to "Introduction to Biochemical Engineering" and "Unit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering"

These books on thumb drives are recently released. No updates are needed yet. These directons for downloading a supplemental or replacement page should suffice:
Download is a feature of HTML5 and works nicely with the Google Chrome Browser. It may not work with other browsers.

  1. Click on the links on this page (none yet) to download the files.
  2. After the last files has been downloaded, click on any of the icons at the bottom left of your screen for these files to click on the menu option "Show in folder"
  3. You will now be in the Download folder and can drag and drop the files to the correct folder on your Flash drive "BIOBOOK" or your Flash drive "ENVBOOK".

Alternative if your browser does not have HTML5:

  1. Bring up your program for editing of text to have a blank page ready.
  2. Click on one of the links on this update page to see the new page.
  3. Use the menu (from pressing right mouse button) to "View page source".
  4. Highlite the entire page with your keys "Cntrl" + a.
  5. Use "Crtl" + C to copy everything.
  6. Go back to your editing program and use "Ctrl" + V to get all of the text that you copied from the update.
  7. Save the file in any convenient location with a name such as "updateA.htm".
  8. Be certain that it comes up properly in your browser and then move it to the location on your thumb drive that is specified here.
  9. To avoid conflict, either delete or rename the file that is being replaced prior to changing the name of the downloaded page to that of the page that was replaced.