Grit Chamber

The flow then moves to a 10 foot diameter grit chamber. The unit consist of paddles, pitched at 45 degrees, that rotate and cause the grit to collect in a receiving unit located under the grit chamber. Originally the grit was then transported by an enclosed conveyor to a hopper, bagged by personnel and transported to the landfill. This system was replaced by a centrifugal pumps which carries the grit from the receiver to a cyclone separator. The cyclone separator feeds onto a grit screen which is then empties into a container for disposal. The above picture shows an eye-level picture of the grit chamber. You can see the motor in the center of the chamber. To see an overhead shot of the chamber click here. To see a close up of the entrance to the grit chamber click here. The grit chamber may be bypassed by closing the fly gate at the entrance. The grit chamber is enclosed in the same room that holds the screens and the wet wells. The new system has shown improvements over the older unit.

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