Sterilize a big fermenter

This page is created by using a BASIC program originally written by Henry Bungay and correct by R. Zamora and A. Camillo. The full version of this web site can be seen at (December 1, 2000).
You are to play the part of an engineer in charge of producing a biochemical by fermentation. There is a problem in the sterilization procedure because heating the medium and holding it until the contaminating bacteria are killed also causes destruction of vitamin factors and reduces yields and profits. Let's assume that you know very little about the theory of thermal death of microorganisms. Try some empirical testing of temperatures and times. You know that laboratory people often autoclave media for 30 minutes at 121C.

Please specify times and temperatures. You may note a discontinuity as you test short times because these are only possible with a continuous sterilizer. The killing and destruction during the heat up and cool down periods of batch sterilization are negligible with a continuous sterilizer that heats the medium up and cools it down very rapidly.

YEARLY PROFIT BASED ON YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. For times less than two minutes, a continuous sterilizer is used. Times less than 0.1 min (6 s) probably impossible.

Time= Temperature=

Organisms= Vitamins= Profit= $
Best run: Time= Temperature= Profit= $
Produced by Scott Ogoreuc and Greg DiLeo