Impact of Recombinant DNA

By the time you start reading this impact statement, you've probably got
a good idea of what Recombinant DNA is, how rDNA is made, how rDNA works,
and some general places where rDNA is currently important. You should also
be able to see that Recombinant DNA is going to have a large impact on the
future. And like a lot of new science technology, Recombinant DNA has the
possibility to be used for "good" and "bad" purposes. There is a bit of grey
area here, as each person defines good and bad in a different way. The following
is a list of ways Recombinant DNA will impact the future, broken up into what are
commonly considered good and bad. It's okay if you don't agree with what is listed
as good and bad, and by thinking about the impact for yourself, you will find you
have an even better grasp of Recombinant DNA.



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Created by Matthew Kuure-Kinsey and Beth McCooey for Biochemical Engineering Fall 2000