Answer to problem 2.

2. You have been placed in charge a foundation that will grant $100,000 to a municipality for upgrade of their wastewater treatment facilities to include denitrification. Four cities apply for the grant. Based on the following geographical descriptions given, who would you give the funds to:
  1. Albany -- a large city located on the Hudson River
  2. Miami -- a large city whose wastewater effluent is delivered to the Atlantic Ocean
  3. Baltimore -- a large city perched on a major estuary (the Chesapeake Bay)
  4. Minden, Nebraska -- a small agricultural town near a large lake.

C (Baltimore) is the correct answer. High nitrogen loading to a region that relies heavily on shellfish offers the strongest case for denitrification. Nitrogen accumulation in a fast moving river like the Hudson is unlikely, so Albany is a poor choice. Miami is a little more interesting because it is coastal, but chances are the effluent will be diluted by the tide. Though nitrogen loadings to a lake in Minden, Nebraska might be of concern, these loadings would probably be due to fertilizer runoff, not the wastewater plant effluent.

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