BiLine Secure Files

Download the Java Applet for the brick construction paper page.
  1. Create a new folder somewhere on your hard drive. This is done starting with My Computer that should be an icon on your screen when you start or with Windows Explorer that should be one of the programs on the list when you go to the lower left corner Start icon and select Programs. A possible name for this folder is "BiLine".
  2. Start your download by clicking on the next line.
    Files for brick construction paper
  3. You will be prompted about where to put this file. Put it in the new folder that you just created.
  4. Use an unzipping program to extract the files. If you have never used one, this is the home page for WinZip:
    Shareware Program
  5. You are still in your browser, so use the Menu item under File to open the page "bricksreg.html" in your new folder.