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Javascript teaching exercises for Biochemical Engineering

for Environmental Engineering

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Week 1

  • Diauxie: sequential use of nutrients
  • Amino acid menu
  • Plotting log concentration vs pH

  • Learn carbohydrate structures

  • Animated sketch of a flagellum
  • Week 2

  • Cleaning a sight glass
  • Animation of a diaphragm pump
  • Week 3

  •  Disinfection graphs
  • Sterilization kinetics
  • Sterilization with poor heat transfer
  • Week 4

  • Aeration - rising bubbles
  • Sag curves: dissolved oxygen in a stream
  • particle migration in a velocity field
  • Week 5

  • Monod equation
  • Growth curves (logarithmic)
  • Growth rate equations - several starting here.
  • Batch growth graphs of nutrient and cell mass
  • Batch cultivation plus product graph
  • Fed Batch cultivation
  • Andrews inhibition equationt
  • Synchronous culture time graph
  • Week 6

  • Continuous cultivation (steady states)
  • Diauxie in continuous culture
  • Recycle in continuous culture
  • Recycle in a plug flow channel
  • Week 7

  • Mixed Cultures: Competition in continuous culture
  • Continuous culture inoculated with slower organism
  • Mixed Cultures: Predation in continuous culture
  • Contamination of a batch bioprocess
  • Contamination of a continuous bioprocess
  • Adjusting proportions of two organisms in a two-stage chemostat system
  • Week 8

  • Lineweaver-Burk equation
  • Week 9

  • Too many steps in the recovery process
  • Week 10

  • Linearization of Langmuir equation
  • Fitting data with Langmuir and Freundlich equation
  • Precoat filtration
  • Filter cake compressibility
  • Precipitate by adding immiscible solvent
  • Plotting log concentration vs pH
  • Effect of pH on solvent extraction
  • Yield vs distribution coefficient Solvent extraction
  • Impurities for solvent extraction
  • Purity for multiple stages of solvent extraction
  • Week 11

  • Mix bed ion exchange animation.
  • Concentration Polarization in Membranes
  • Donnan Theory 1
  • Donnan Theory 2
  • Crystallization that is too rapid
  • Crystallization Game
  • particle migration in a velocity field
  • Week 12

  • Chromatography: separation in a column
  • Chromatography teaching game
  • Electrophoresis
  • Ternary phase diagrams
  • Week 13

    Squeezing Biobags

    Week 14

    Additional Topics

    Analysis of Growth rates

  • Multipage presentation with latest versions of previous Javascript exercises and several new ones
  • Biological Waste Treatment

  • Activated sludge animation
  • Process Control

  • Gain and phase shift estimation

    Short course: Commercialization of bioprocesses


  • Draw Javascript Rotating Arrows
  • Draw Javascript Stationary Arrows
  • Intereacitve help with Javascript bezier and quadratic cureve commands
  • Coagulation: electrostatic and van der Waals forces
  • Automata models
  • Concept of the lever Rule for phase diagrams.
  • Mold growth with normal distribution

  • Help for counter This Javascript code works with Chrome browser