Steven Cramer

Steven Cramer

William Weightman Walker Professor

Contact Information
Office: BIOTK1 3211
Phone: 518-276-6198


B.S. 1978 Brown University
Ph.D. 1986 Yale University

Professor Steven Cramer is one of the recognized leaders in chromatographic bioprocessing worldwide. For the past twenty three years, Professor Cramer and his students have combined elegant theoretical models and rigorous experimentation to make dramatic advances in several areas of preparative protein chromatography. He serves as a consultant and/or member of the scientific board for several biotechnology and separations companies.  In addition, Professor Cramer is known worldwide for his expertise in separations in general.  He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International journal Separations, Science and Technology. Professor Cramer was the awarded the prestigious Alan S. Michaels Award for the Recovery of Biological Products (ACS Division of Biochemical Technology). He was also awarded Rensselaer’s School of Engineering Research Excellence Award, a Presidential Young Investigator award from the National Science Foundation, the Early Career Award from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as well as several teaching awards.  Professor Cramer was elected a fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. He has also chaired several prestigious meetings including the International HIC/RPC  Bioseparations Conference, the ACS Recovery of Biological Products Meeting and the Gordon Conference on Reactive Polymers. He is also the U.S. coordinator of the NSF sponsored Eastern Mediterranean Chemical Engineering Conference Series. Prof. Cramer has published over 140 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has 9 patents. Importantly, he has produced over 33 Ph.D. students who have gone on to leadership positions in the biotechnology industry and academia.

Research Interests
Bioseparations, Bioprocessing, Chromatography, Proteomics, Microfluidics, Multiscale modeling, Affinity precipitation, Biosensors

Current Research
The research in the Cramer laboratory involves state of the art experimental and theoretical investigations into novel bioseparations systems. Topics include: prediction of protein binding affinity and multiscale modeling of chromatographic systems, design of chemically selective displacers, development of efficient antibody separation systems, fundamental studies in multimodal chromatography, novel proteomics platform using carrier displacement chromatography, novel chromatographic and diode based electrophoretic lab on chip systems, protein unfolding in chromatographic systems, chemometrics for process analytical technology, multilevel automated peptide synthesis/screening system for design of affinity peptides and smart biopolymer affinity precipitation systems. Recent work that combines protein libraries, NMR studies, molecular dynamics simulations and high throughput chromatographic investigations has shed significant insight into the design of a new generation of mixed mode chromatographic systems.