The Glucose Sensor

The determination of glucose is important for the process control. Assimilation of glucose by micro-organisms can be determined by an oxygen electrode because respiration activity increases after assimilation of organic compounds. Therefore, it is possible to construct a microbial electrode sensor for glucose using immobilized whole cells which utilize mainly glucose and an oxygen electrode.

A microbial electrode consisting of immobilized whole cells of Pseudomonas Fluorescens and a oxygen electrode was developed for the determination of glucose. The microbial sensor for glucose was applied to molasses. The concentration of glucose was determined both by the microbial sensor and by the enzymatic method. Satisfactory comparative results were obtained. Glucose in molasses was determined with an average relative error of % 10 by the microbial sensor.

As far as the reliability of theses sensor are concerned, the molasses experiment was conducted more than 10 times per day. No decrease in current output was observed over a 2 week period and 150 assays.