As bioprocessing becomes more sophisticated, an increasing amount of on-line information must be acquired to optimize the product yield. One path towards this goal is biosensors, which can provide highly specific and sensitive measurements.

Using genetically engineered microorganisms, the traditional approach to measure a handful of physical and chemical parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, viscosity,... will not be sufficient. Much more close monitoring and control will be crucial for a cost effective production.

A major field for biosensor application could also evolve from research projects. Growth of more sensitive microorganisms and the demand for a deeper understanding of the fundamental physiological process occuring during cell growth and metabolism will become more important than it ahs been up to now. For such cultures we may probably need a deeper understanding of the mechanisms for a proper scale up of fermenters and installations.

All this shows, that there is a wide field for biosensor applications. As seen before however, there are many obstacles to be overcome.
In addition another problem are the users. They must develop an acquaintance with this new and unknown measurement device. This last point is seldom considered. Without the acceptance on the user side, all efforts would be deemed useless.

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