By Urban Jenelten, 1995

As of now biosensors have seldom been used in fermentation control. Out of the different kinds of sensors listed above, they are probably the least known. The reason for this as well as a short introduction to biosensors will be given in the following paragraphs.

There was a time, when it was thought that biosensors would revolutionize the methods of analysis; that they could sense 'anything, anywhere, any time'! This vision proved to be a bit exaggerated. Nevertheless biosensor were and are still very promising.

So, what is a biosensor?

A biosensor is a sensor that is based on the use of biological material for its sensing function. The biocomponent specifically reacts or interacts with the analyte of interest resulting in a detectable chemical or physical change.

 A schematic of a biosensor can be seen on the following figure:

Fig 2: Schematic of a Biosensor