Semester project for Introduction to Biochemical Engineering        Charles Roth,  Spring 1999

Basics of Growth and the Monod Equation

There are many models of varying complexity that seek to relate specific growth rate to nutrition.  The Monod equation is one such expression.  It is particularly significant for this course because of its popularity, simplicity, and usefulness.  While an in-depth analysis would explore the implications of the mathematics, the equation's basic precepts should be recognized easily.

Microbial populations increase until nutrients are exhausted. Analysis is aided by focus on the limiting nutrient.  The Monod equation relates limiting nutrient concentration to a population's growth rate.

The expression is: 

Click for a repeat of this explanation in other words and a Java applet that lets you manipulate the coefficients.

Concepts of this expression:

Question:  What are some of the concepts that might contradict the implication that the growth rate is purely a function of S?  Answer

Further coverage: