Unit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering

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Week 1: Course Introduction, Terminology Week 8: Mass Transfer and Mixing
Week 2: Equipment, Water and wastewater Week 9: Treatment of Wastewater
Week 3: Potable Water, Sand filters, Equilibrium Week 10: Bioprocess Theory
Week 4: Disinfection, Filtration Week 11: Trickling Filters, Activated Sludge
Week 5: Coagulation, Sedimentation Week 12: Sludge Digestion and Disposal
Week 6: Adsorption, Ion Exchange Week 13: Tertiary Treatment
Week 7: Membranes Week 14: Leaching, Review for exam

Additional Topics

Building a Wetland             Landfills             Energy from wastes             Process Control
Pumping and Piping Experiment            

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