Created by JOEL DUDAS

ENVE '95


Hello, and welcome to our ion exchange information system created for the World Wide Web. Ion exchange is a technology that, although not new, is in a stage of on-going discovery, use, and future potential. The applications of ion exchange are quite diverse, including water treatment, resource recovery, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Here at Rensselaer, students and teachers alike continue to learn about ion exchange through both courses and research projects. Unlike many schools, Rensselaer's research projects do include undergraduate students as well, and a better understanding, through a hands-on approach, can be easily obtained. Courses such as Dr. Bungay's Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering course enhance the curriculum for environmental, civil, and any chemical engineers who may be interested in this field.


RPI offers classes that deal with ion exchange in both direct and indirect ways. The courses are numerous and varied. The importance of understanding the theory of ion exchange cannot be underestimated, since each application can be unique. Developing new ion exchange technologies is also impossible without a good grasp of ion exchange principles and theories (unless you stumble across something by sheer luck, in which case I suggest quickly going to Las Vegas).

Areas of Research

Rensselaer also offers an extensive research which is funded by various means. Research projects have explored some aspects of ion exchange and will continue to do so. The Undergraduate Research Program enables undergrads to join graduate students, doctorate students, and teachers in the exploration of knowledge.


As you can see, Rensselaer offers a thorough program for understanding and putting ion exchange to good use. More information on ion exchange is available in an engineering library near you, so if you are interested even further, it is suggested to use this resource as well. I hope you have enjoyed this presentation and that it has piqued your interest.
Last update: 12/12/94