Ozone Quiz

From a term project by Tom Carter

One disadvantage of ozone in water treatment is:
1) High dissolved oxygen in effluent
2) Expensive to produce
3) Ozone is an excellent virucide
4) Reduction in effluent turbidity

The answer is 2).

The most common large scale production method for ozone is:

1) Electrolysis of perchloric acid

2) Ultraviolet exposure of oxygen

3) Electrical discharge

The answer is 3).

Which of the following is true?

1) Ozone is non-toxic

2) Ozone is toxic, but only when in the presence of electricity

3) Ozone is considered unsafe at a level of 1 ppm

4) An ozone level of 0.1 ppm is unsafe

The answer is 4).

Which of the following does not enhance efficiency in a discharge ozonator?

1) High temperature

2) High frequency AC

3) Using a material with a high dielectric constant

4) Using a thin dielectric

The answer is 1).

Ozone is most useful in which type of process?

1) Primary treatment (removal of settleable solids)

2) Secondary treatment (removal of readily biodegradable conataminants

3) Tertiary treatment (removal of highly refractory materials)

The answer is 3).